Crunch The Date has been developed for people wishing to plan vacations or short weekend breaks to coincide with big regional and national events like sporting occasions, music festivals or Broadway musicals. Coldfire was asked to create a slick, colourful and easy to use interface that could steer the user through ample amounts of data presented clearly and without clutter.




The Safe App was designed alongside Next Big Leap, Leicester and is aimed towards helping young people diagnose and identify various forms of domestic abuse with a simple questionnaire. Coldfire was asked to create an interface that was inconspicuous (for reasons of user safety) ultra clear, and that could use colour and layout to steer upset and potentially distressed users from start to finish.




Southern based American style dinner Yummy asked Coldfire to create a new series of App layouts to bring their menu to the customer in an easy to navigate format. We wanted a mixed palette of 1950's style pastel colours to draw the eye and contrast clearly presented information. We used lush imagery to convey taste and detail and clean stylish iconography to convey a varied and diverse menu.