Importers of home grown Columbian coffee beans, Shelton's Coffee wanted to re-brand themselves to a UK audience base. Coldfire created a simple brand mark orientated around passion and love of coffee, subtly incorporating the Shelton's 'S' together with two types of packaging for the current range of original and flavoured grind using old fashioned paper bag and tin containers.



Coldfire Design created a series of identities for a range of Absolute Vodka flavours Grape Zoom, Russian Cherry and Miami Mojito. We designed large full print patterns that visually represented the character and simplicity the brand goes by.



Formerly known as Habitio Lettings, Coldfire was asked to re-brand and rename the business with a brief to reflect a modern slant on themes of comfort and tradition. 'Arch' as a brand name conveyed simplicity and was a subtle nod to a  classic indispensable element of a building. Dark blue, ivory and copper communicated reliability and contrast, whilst using a traditional wallpaper pattern for the company stationary added imagination and tradition.




Southern based American style dinner Yummy asked Coldfire to create a new series of App layouts to bring their menu to the customer in an easy to navigate format. We wanted a mixed palette of 1950's style pastel colours to draw the eye and contrast clearly presented information. We used lush imagery to convey taste and detail and clean stylish iconography to convey a varied and diverse menu.